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solar battery

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We can supply this models of solar battery for you choose .

Long time discharge
Suitable for backup and storage power
Special design for the plates, make the recycling life longer
Special formula of  lead calcium alloy, enhances the corrosion resistance of the grid, and prolong the service life of the battery
Special clapboard improve the battery performance
High heat capacity can reduce the risk of thermal runaway, not easy to dry, it's suitable for the harsh environment
High efficiency of gas composite
Low water loss and no electrolyte stratification phenomenon
Storage period is longer
Excellent deep discharge performance

The front terminal is firm, safe, easy for installation and maintenance
"The standard installation design is easy to use the  battery cabinet of  19 ""and 23'', the structure of the narrow and high can have
good  performance of heat dissipation"
Long life design
The unique handle structure is convenient for the transportation and installation

Widly Application
1.Communication system                       2.Electric system
3.UPS uninterruptible power supply         4.Solar and wind power system
5.Substation system