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How to prolong your Lithium polymer battery lifespan ?

Time: 2020-03-31 00:39  View:146

 How to prolong your Lithium polymer  battery lifespan ?

1. don’t charge  your battery when nobody  keep an eye on it .

2. Don’t over charge it (each battery plate full charged ,the voltage not over 4.25v)

3. Don’t over discharge it (each battery plate voltage not over 2.75v)

4. Don’t let the battery close to the fire and  heater product.

5. When charge ,the battery don’t close to the product ,which easy to get fire ,eg paper ,plastic ,blanket ,leather,wooden,or put it in the RC Cars in charging .

6. Before charge it or use it ,pls check the voltage and capacity .

7. Don’t connect the negative and positive incorrect.

8. Don’t touch directly the battery which has leak liquid  .

9. Don’t charge the battery  when 0~45 ℃

10.  If long time no use the battery ,pls make sure each 3 month can  have one time discharge and charge  ,to keep the battery in stable condition .

11. Don’t diy battery ,reconnect the old plate  or reconnect with other  plate (has no special moulding tester, easy to catach fire by short circuit .

12. If  have  happened collision ,pls take off the battery ,pls check carefully the battery and connector .(the battery maybe will high temperature  and burn hands.

13. Don’t let the battery liquid fly into eyes and skins .once  it touched eyes and skin ,pls use water to clean it at once . if in bad situation ,pls go to hospital at once .don’t disclose the battery reconnect or change wiring .