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If you often do these thing ,it will hurt your battery life

Time: 2021-04-24 23:48  View:94

IF You often do these 4 things ,your car battery life time will be short .
1.If you often start and stop the cars ,it will make the battery start to work again and again . its power will lost soon .
Because of car battery ,truck battery ,its starting battery ,it will produce instant current  to start the cars and trucks .
2.You often drive short distance,but often use the air conditioner,audio and car lights,the battery can’t be charged enough time ,just the inside power be used ,make the battery often be hungry .soon the battery will be damaged .
3.if your cars charge system has problem ,its voltage is not good around 13.8v .its always can’t charge your battery ,then the battery always can’t get full charged ,it just discharge ,its capacity will drop soon . then the battery can’t produce the high current ,then the battery going die .
4.If you often drive your cars on the very bad condition roads ,it will has high requirement about the cars ,the battery ,the auto parts often easy be hurt .