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Why the auto batteries not work ?

Time: 2020-05-31 19:37  View:188

Why the auto batteries not work ?these two thing will make your battery weak 
Maybe most people will thought it is the battery quality not so good . yes ,it is the reason 1 .
But sometimes ,it is not the battery quality problem . maybe you forget close your car’s light  or you forget close the air conditioner ,then the battery power be used out .then it can’t help to  produce high current to start your cars .It will reduce the battery lifetime , so pls check your car’s  all be closed when you get off the car.
Additional ,if you often drive short distance ,then the car battery has not been charged enough time .it like a man often be hungry has not enough good ,he will going weak .same thing to battery ,the battery will easy going to dead .
So even thought you change new battery ,you have not change this thing ,your battery still will not last long time .

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