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Which is better ,lead acid battery or lithium battery ?

Time: 2020-06-02 13:08  View:115

Which is better ,lead acid battery or lithium battery ?
1. price ,lithium battery price much higher than lead acid battery ,nearly triple as lead acid battery
2. Safety performance:lead acid battery is better .many charging fire normally happened in lithium battery .
3. Lifespan: lithium battery lifespan is longer ,charge and discharge can be 500 times .when usage ,its has memory and good Seismic resistance
4. Environment friendly : lead acid battery can recycle ,but lion battery can’t recycle .
Even thought the lithium battery has much advantage ,its light weight,about 1/3 of lead acid battery ,size is smaller and high capacity and good performance (can charge and discharge about 500 times and has no memory ,strong resistance )and its lifespan is much longer than storage battery ,But as the lion battery performance has not stable .some charging battery occurs fire and explosion still be very big problem .and the lion battery can’t be recycle used .for so far ,the lead acid battery share the biggest market . but in lithium battery still has big demand .maybe in the future ,the lion battery overcome the disadvantage ,its market share will be bigger and bigger .