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6-DG-200 electric tricycle tubular battery 12V 125AH

Time: 2021-04-24 13:16  View:195

6-DG-200  electric tricycle tubular battery 12V 125AH

Model  Description size (L*W*W)mm Weight  with acid(kg)
6-DG-120 12v 72ah 362*172*278 29.5
6-DG-140 12V 80ah 362*172*271 29.5
6-DG-150 12v 90ah  362*172*271 31
6-DG-160 12v 115ah 362*172*286 34.5
6-DG-180 12v 125ah 362*172*286 37.5
6-DG-200 12v 140ah 362*172*292 39.5
6-DG-220 12v 155ah 362*172*292 41


-Excellent energy storage capacity combined with high reliability
-700 Cycles at 75%DOD
-Tubular plate construction consisting of a lead calcium alloy
-High cycle service life
-Better temperature resistance performance
-Excellent deep cycle performance
-Superior low current discharge performance
-Better charge acceptability
-Better safety performance and reliability
-High Performance price/ratio and low yearly operating cost
-Non-Spillable construction design
-Low self discharge characteristic