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car battery

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We can supply  sealed Maintenance free  type and Dry charged type .

For MF battery  ,has these advantage:
1. Durability and frost resistance of battery body .
2. Enhanced working and storage capacity
3.shock resistance .
4.Enhanced reliability 
5. Exitended service life 
6.High efficiency of active masses.
7.Totaly Maintenance -free/

For Dry charged battery ,has these advantage:
1.Dry charged state ,easy to transport .
2.Cast grid technology ,extend service  life and reduce corrosion rate .
3.Low water loss rate
4. High  resistant to heat samage 
5. Excellent resistance to vibration and road shock .
6.Low self-discharge rate ,up to 18 month storage life .
7.Low gassing rate ,reduce the explosion hazard during charging .

Sealed Maintenance free battery catalogue .

Dry cahrged battery Catalogue :